Heavy rock has had a love affair with pop-art illustration from its beginnings in the late 60s. By the early 70s, it had reached proportions as epic as the music itself, with Roger Dean's image-defining series for YES and URIAH HEEP being perfect examples.

THE LIZARDS happily continue that grande tradition of classic rock. Our Lizard characters were established dramatically on our first cd and continue through our new release.

We would like to give proper credit to the fantastic artists who have served the cause of creating our visual Lizard-lore.....


Click on each of the names above to find out more about these amazing artists and to see examples of their work

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Impressed? Inspired? Well then, Lizard fans.... don't be shy!
Create your own Lizard Art and have it shown in our gallery and seen around the world!
Two designs sent in by the amazingly talented BRITTANY YOUMANS are exhibited HERE and HERE
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