Full name - Patrick Michael Klein

Date of birth
- 11/19/63

Favorite Lizards song - Down/Something Higher

Favorite non-Lizards song
- Live Wire - AC/DC

What's the best gig you've ever seen? - AC/DC at Madison Square Garden

What's the best gig you've ever played, and why? - They all have the potential to be the best and that's why I play them!


And... the worst (and why)? - The worst was at "The Karashell" in Lafayette, Indiana around 1983. It was this hick bar where my band at the time was playing for 3 nights. At the end of the first set on the first night I announced we were taking a break and would be right back. At that moment this drunk stands up and yells "Get yer silly ass back up there! Ain't no breaks at the Karashell!" That set the tone for the rest of the shows. In addition we were under age and had to take our breaks in this attic with a really low ceiling. We had signed a contract and really needed the money. It's a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll!

What bands do you think were the most influential during...
(a) the 70s - Led Zeppelin - KISS - Boston
(b) the 80s - AC/DC - Def Leppard - The Police
(c) the 90s - Nirvana - Pearl Jam - Dave Matthews

Apart from The Lizards (of course), which up'n'coming bands have got what it takes for this decade and beyond? - System of a Down

Alive or dead, fact or fiction, who is your ultimate hero? And who else would be in your top five heroes'n'heroines list? - John Lennon, Bon Scott, Albert Einstein, Abe Lincoln, Clara Barton. But most of all I'm impressed by ordinary people who do extraordinary things when called upon.

Favourite drink - Alcoholic - White Russian... Non-Alcoholic - Gatorade

Who would be in your fantasy band line-up - with yourself in the line-up too, naturally? - I would be the singer, Jimmy Page and Angus Young on guitar, Steve Ferone on drums and Rob Rivera on bass.

Three words each that describe the other guys in the band -
Bobby - big, bad, groovy
Mike - powerful, psycho, soulful
Randy - visionary, master-of-ceremony, funky

Favourite actor - Robert De Niro

What's your ultimate ambition musically? - To pursue excellence in writing, performing and producing.

Message to the fans - Thank you for listening and watching! Let's see how far we can take classic rock in the twenty-first century. Invite your friends to the party!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The story so far....

I think my music career began at the age of four when my aunt made me sing Three Dog Night’s One Is The Loneliest Number for a group of her friends. But my big break came 10 years later when, on my fourteenth birthday, I received an electric guitar. At that point my best friend and I formed the world’s worst KISS cover band. As I learned to actually play my instrument things improved, however.

My high school years were spent impersonating a rock star, fronting a band called Shadowfax. Graduation sent me off to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where I fronted The Lynx Band. A chance meeting while playing a show in Ohio brought me together with the group I would travel to New York City with at the age of 20. French Lick recorded a self produced demo tape and set off for the Big Apple where we were “discovered” by the owner of the world famous Power Station recording studios.

A four year production contract landed us a penthouse suite at the top of the studio where we ate, breathed and slept music while rubbing elbows with the biggest stars in the world. While at the Power Station we placed songs in several movies including Ron Howard’s Gung Ho and A Nightmare on Elm Street - Part IV. After a botched record contract with Atlantic’s ATCO label the group disbanded.

I wandered the streets of New York until forming the legendary Fuzz Box. We released one CD (our second was never finished) and played several memorable shows at New York’s famed Continental. A brief stint as bass player for the insane theatrical/music tribe Psycho The Clown followed.

In 1997 I began working as a recording engineer for Electric Randyland Studios and Hyperspace Records. This is where I met Randy Pratt. After working in Randy’s studio for three years we finally decided to jam one day. Magic was born! An already successful partnership in the studio was taken to the next level. And here we are - trying to shove and jostle our way into rock history!

I would list my influences as AC/DC, KISS (up to Rock and Roll Over), FREE, Def Leppard (first two records), Cartoon Violence and many others! In addition to great bands I am a fan of great songs of all types, from Brenda Lee to Harry Nilsson. All time favorite: AC/DC.

Scroll down for details of the guitars I use

From L to R - all lefthanded models

Fedden-Fodera Guitar/5 string bass double-neck
Fender maple-neck Stratocaster
Gibson S.G. "The S.G."
Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Alembic Baritone guitar
Deering 6 string banjo
Gibson Les Paul Custom (Ebony neck)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (p-90s)
Fodera Firebird
Gretsch "Elliot Easton"
Gibson S.G. Custom (Ebony neck)
Gibson S.G. Standard
Gibson Les Paul "58"
Gibson S.G. "Tony Iommi"
Gibson E.S. 350 (Ebony neck)
Fernandez "sustainer"
Fender Resonator
Pat's Holding Gibson Acoustic
and also, but not pictured here
Fender Custom Shop Rosewood Stratocaster/synth guitar