Full name - Randolf Ryland Pratt

Date of birth - 12/14/53

Favorite Lizards song - off the new cd "On a Wire" and "Eleven"

Favorite non-Lizards song - top 40 "My Little Town "(Simon & Garfunkel) "More than This" (Roxy Music) "Don't Dream It's Over" (Crowded House)

What's the best gig you've ever seen - For sheer quality, Paul McCartney & Wings at Madison Square Garden

What's the best gig you've ever played, and why?
- There've been many great gigs... I'm living in the moment!

RANDY PRATT - THE LIZARDS (photo by Wilma Hoogendoorn)

And... the worst (and why)?
- Once I loaded a van, drove 6 hours from New York to Baltimore, played 4 / 45 minute sets to a dozen grandmas and grandpas, loaded up and drove home, all with a raging flu. But you know what... it was fun!

What bands do you think were the most influential during...
(a) the 70s - Zep & Stones
(b) the 80s - don't remember the 80s!
(c) the 90s - besides the obvious Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and even Nirvana, you must check out Jeff Buckley's sole cd before dying, "Grace"... a deep, soulful masterpiece

Alive or dead, fact or fiction, who is your ultimate hero? And who else would be in your top five heroes'n'heroines list? - My Dad, honestly, is my ultimate hero. And also my wife, who works harder and more selflessly than anyone I know. My other three heroes are my fellow Lizards, who go out into the wilderness every night with one bullet and come home with dinner!

Favourite drink -
sparkling apple cider (no booze for Randy anymore!)

Who would be in your fantasy band line-up - with yourself in the line-up too, naturally?
Me on Bass and Harp - Mel Galley guitar (and on bass when I'm on harp) - Jimmy Nolen guitar, - Al Jackson Jr, on drums - Bernie Worell on keys

Three words each that describe the other guys in the band -

Pat Klein - Wizard, "The Man", "Star"
Bobby Rondinelli - Athlete, Italian, "Child-star"
Mike Dimeo - Soulful, bachelor "Star"

Favourite actor
- Lee Marvin

What's your ultimate ambition musically? -
To keep getting better(the Lizards and myself), for the Lizards to become headliners, to write songs that will last.

Message to the fans -
Thanks for being there

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The story so far....

I've been playing bass since the early 80s. Before that I was a poser and an obsessed fan-boy. I switched to 6 string in the early 90s. I never play 4 string anymore. The necks on my basses are longer than normal (36" scale, normal is 34") The necks are big and hard to play. They hurt my hands sometimes, but the tone is beautiful.

I first got into Rock music when the Beatles arrived in America. I went to the Fillmore East a lot in '70-'71. I saw Led Zepplin, King Crimson (w/Greg Lake) Fleetwood Mac (w/ Peter Green) I hate to sound like someone's dad, but I think Rock was probably peaking then. We have a joke in the Lizards "Nothing after '78". We're really not that self-concious about it, but that's the period we're most influenced by. When the blues was still felt in the music.

Another major influence on me is old-school Funk. When I was a kid in '67, I saw James Brown at Yankee Stadium. WOW! He's like Mozart to me. Sly Stone, Ohio Players, Slave. There's an element of that in the music of The Lizards, and you'll be hearing it more as we develop. There's a "sweet spot" where James Brown and Black Sabbath meet. We want to be there.

It's unknown how far a band over 40 (except Mike, "the kid") playing original Classic Rock can go. Who knows? We love what we're doing and we won't quit, so if you love this music, let's work together!

Trapeze, Stray Dog, Cactus, Vanilla Fudge, Boomerang, Sir Lord Baltimore, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Free, Bad Company, Detective, The Babys, Pink Floyd, Little Feat, Spooky Tooth, Mountain, Grand Funk, King Crimson ('til "Red") Gentle Giant, Jeff Buckley, Humble Pie, Captain Beyond, Robin Trower, Jeff Beck Group, The Doors, Hendrix, Frank Marino, Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, James Brown, Ohio Players, Sly Stone, P-Funk, Slave

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Scroll down for details of the guitars I use

Pictured from left to right
Viellette 34" scale 6 string bass passive
*Atlansia 36" scale 6 string bass active
*Pagelli 36" scale 6 string bass synth bass
*Triggs Arch Top
"Jazz box" 36" scale 6 string bass passive
*Wal 36" scale 6 string bass active
(Fodera/Alembic hybrid) 36" scale 6 string bass passive
Fleischman (1 of 2) 36" scale 6 string bass passive
Fodera (1 of 2) 36" scale 6 string bass passive
Fodera - Anthony Jackson Contrabass 36" scale 6 string bass passive
all lucite (lucite neck) 36" scale 6 string bass synth bass
*Fodera 36" scale 12 string bass passive
*Carl Thompson 36" scale 6 string bass passive
Azola Arch Top
"Jazz Box" (1st one) 34" scale 6 string bass passive
*Specter 36" scale 6 string bass active
*JayDee "Roadie" 36" scale 6 string bass active
*Ritter 36" scale 6 string bass passive
and also, but not pictured here
Fleischman 36"scale, 6 string bass, passive #2 of 2
* Fender custom shop 36' scale 6 string Jazz bass, passive

denotes one of a kind, when purchased

Amps from left to right
Acoustic 360
Rickenbacker Transonic  (used by Led Zepplin on their first tour of America)
Kustom 3X15 White
Kustom 3X15 Silver
Kustom 3X15 Green
Kustom 3X15 Red
"Kronos" 3X15 Gold
Kustom 3X15 Black
Kustom 3X15 Blue
Plush 3X15 silver
Rickenbacker Transonic (used by Led Zepplin on their first tour of America)
Acoustic 360